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Retort Journey

The phenomenal growth of the Retort Group is dotted with numerous major and minor milestones that stand in memory as testimonials of the passion, vision and innovation of each and every person associated with it across the past half century. Here are some of the important stages in its metamorphic journey from a gentle whiff to the juggernaut it is today:

  • 1974
    Retort Chemicals had a very humble and small beginning from an area in Bhayandar near Mumbai, when 3 technocrats (first generation) and Chemical Engineers from reputed Engineering Institutes of Mumbai, Late Mr. R. S. Nadkarni, Mr. A. H. Mahajan and Late Mr. V. G. Gationde, came together and started a tiny distillation unit.
  • 1979
    Commissioned Retort Unit-I Plant in Boisar, Maharashtra
  • 1984
    Commenced Exports of Powder Solvent dyes used for Master batches
  • 1987
    Commenced production of Green Dye for Fertiliser Industries
  • 1989
    Entered Liquid Fuel Dye market with approval of Kerosene Blue Dye
  • 1991
    Became one of the leading producers of Solvent dyes for Powder dyes
  • 1993
    Secured first tender of Kerosene Blue Dye from Indian Oil Corporation
  • 1994
    Captured 70% share of kerosene dye market by winning tenders of Bharat Petroleum Ltd. and Hindustan Petroleum Ltd
  • 1994
    Diversified into Bulk-drug Pharma Intermediates and started Stallion Dyestuffs Pvt. Ltd. (Pharma Unit), now known as Stallion Remedies Pvt. Ltd.
  • 1999
    Purchased Solar Colorants
  • 2001
    Added Unit-II to the group and commenced production of single phase liquid products like Solvent Red 164, Solvent Blue 98 and Solvent Green 33, ensuring quality supplies to Mafatlal Rose Colour and Merchant Exporters in India. This was a 2.5 times bigger unit as compared to the Unit no.1 and was designed as per the applicable safety norms and GMP requirements.
  • 2001
    This was also the year, when first person from the second generation Mr. Vikrant Gaitonde came on-board after completing Business Management studies with specialization in International Business.
  • 2003
    Completed Phase I of Unit –II operations and secured the first international order for Fuel dyes from a company in Italy.
  • 2004
    Acquired first export order of single phase liquid dyes from an Italian company, commenced construction of Retort Unit-II Plant for producing liquid fuel dyes and markers with production capacity of 200 tons per year; obtained ISO 9001-2008 certification from British Standards Institutions
  • 2006
    Commissioned state-of-the-art Research & Development and Product Certification Laboratory in compliance with global testing requirements – ASTM / ESTM requirements for Fuel dyes and markers; commenced production of Dyes and Markers, becoming specialist producers of Euromarker
  • 2007
    Secured an approval of Products in Italy, Holland and Greece, matching standards of well-known companies in Europe and USA
  • 2009
    Expanded markets in the Middle East – Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia as well as in South America
  • 2010
    Started backward integration of 3 products as part of effective combat strategy against competition
  • 2011
    Secured substantial market share in the European market through cost effectiveness and by virtue of top-notch product certification and services
  • 2012
    Enhanced presence with market share increase in MENA, APAC and EU region
  • 2013
    Crossed ₹ 25 Cr sales mark, obtained ISO 14001 certification from BSI
  • 2015
    Made inroads in markets of West African Countries
  • 2017
    Crossed ₹ 50 Cr turnover
  • 2018
    Secured ISO 18001 certification from BSI
  • 2019
    Obtained special permission to operate during Covid-19 pandemic as emergency product supplier to oil companies
  • 2020
    Acquired ISO 45001 Certification
  • 2021
    Reached ₹ 100 Cr mark
  • 2022
    Became eminent partner for supply of Fuel Dyes and Markers