Liquid Solvent Dyes

Liquid Solvent Dyes

We manufacture Single-Phase Liquid Dyes and Blends which are miscible with Aromatic Solvents, Oils, Kerosene, Diesel, Gasoline, Greases, Lubricants and Fuels etc.

When blended with fuels and petroleum products, our Petroleum Dyes do not alter their purity or performance, as these dyes are used only for colouration and identification. This is done to prevent adulteration and other illegal activities.

Our Products are:-
Free from Impurities
Unaffected by Light, Tropical Temperatures and Hydrolysis
Free from Objectionable Odour

Here is the list products for Liquid Solvent Dyes

  • Solvent Red19e
  • Solvent Red 19T
  • Solvent Red 164
  • Solvent Red 215
  • Solvent Yellow 107
  • Solvent Yellow 174
  • Solvent Yellow 175
  • Solvent Orange 98
  • Solvent Green 33
  • Solvent Blue 79
  • Solvent Blue 98